The mission of the Ninth Street Independent Film Center is to secure a lasting space for the creation and dissemination of independent media that promotes democracy, community participation, cultural preservation, access and lifelong learning on behalf of a diverse community of artists and audiences.

The Jewish Film Institute is a founding partner of the Ninth Street Independent Film Center. Located in the heart of San Francisco’s emerging arts and cultural district, SOMA/Mid-Market, our three story building is home to seven community benefit media arts organizations – the Center for Asian American Media, the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Frameline, the San Francisco Green Film Festival, the National Alliance for Media Arts and Culture, the Filmmakers Collaborative SF, and the Video Project.

In addition to maintaining a state-of-the art facility with collective IT infrastructure, Ninth Street IFC offers a variety of programs and opportunities for media artists and organizations to support their growth and development, including an onsite youth media program, media arts residencies, and a community exhibitions space that brings together partner organizations, the general public, and other local arts institutions.

Focusing on themes of our culturally specific media arts organizations — LGBT, Asian, Jewish, as well as local independent filmmakers and youth — we have a proven history of collabrative programming. In particular, programs include community exhibitions in our Screening Room, cutting-edge youth media projects, as well as access for individual filmmakers through our ongoing Media Arts Incubator residency, which annually brings new talent and community activity into the Film Center.

The impact of our work is demonstrated by our growing number of partner organizations, the use of our space by emerging and established media arts professionals to further their projects, the variety of culturally-diverse media programming offered onsite, and cultivation and support of the next generation of media artists. We directly support our in-house organizations so that they are better equipped to serve their respective, culturally specific constituencies (Asian/Pacific Islanders, LGBT, and Jewish), as well as the general public. The intersection of cultural diversity, community-building, and creative opportunity is at the very heart of our organization.

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