119 Bullets + 3

| 62 mins |

A mere eighteen months of insanity and shock stood between Baruch Goldstein's 1994 massacre of 39 praying Moslems in Hebron (119 bullets fired) and Yigal Amir's assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin (three bullets fired) last fall. In the wake of these tragedies, it became clear that these appalling acts of terrorism stemmed from right wing ideology and rhetoric of religious groups and their rabbis who violently oppose the peace process. 119 BULLETS + 3 is a piercing examination of right-wing Jewish extremists and the great ideological divide that separates them from the rest of Israeli society. The film questions whether Israel will be torn apart by those who seek to create a country governed by the law of the Bible. Director Yeud Levanon gained access to the homes and meeting places of key right-wing extremists and his film provides frightening insight into these his subject's minds. In the process, he explores the disturbing gap between religious and secular Jews in Israel today.


Yeud Levanon

SFJFF Festival Year