A Home on the Range

| 50 mins |

Jewish Chicken Farmers in Petaluma? It's true, and finally their story is told by Festival favorites, Bay Area filmmakers Bonnie Burt (TREES CRY FOR RAIN, SFJFF 1992; ABRAHAM AND EUGENIA, SFJFF 1995) and Judy Montell (FOREVER ACTIVISTS, SFJFF 1991; TIMBRELS AND TORAH, SFJFF 2000). Fleeing the pogroms and hardships of Eastern Europe these immigrants skipped the sweatshops of New York to become farmers in Northern California. It is a classic immigrant story with a twist. When the left-wing ranchers support union organizers they are met by local vigilantes who want to maintain the status quo. Even more contentious, who controls the community center? Religious and secular Jews argue over control for years. Reflecting three generations of Jewish families, HOME ON THE RANGE tells of the challenges all American Jews face… of maintaining a Jewish identity in America today.

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