Not Everybody's Lucky Enough to Have Had Communist Parents

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This hilarious hit from France will strike a ticklish chord in every red diaper baby. Set in the eventful autumn of 1958, when French political life was split into de Gaullist and communist camps, the film follows the political antics of Irene, a buoyant working-class wife and mother, as she pursues her naive yet endearing hope that communism will improve the world. As a concentration camp survivor liberated by Red Army troops, Irene's love for all things Soviet is complete and uncritical. Her pragmatic, apolitical husband Bernard, on the other hand, craves respite from the Marxist rhetoric, Russian music and tchotchkes that clog their tiny apartment. Most of all, Bernard would like his exuberant wife to pay as much attention to him as she does to The Cause. But when the Red Army Choir comes to Paris, Irene falls for the dashing and virile soloist, and realizes her wildest fantasies – including a bettering of her marriage. Told through the eyes of their impressionable ten-year old son, COMMUNIST PARENTS features radiant comedienne Josiane Balasko – the Lucille Ball of France- as Irene, and the wonderfully grumpy Maurice Benichou as Bernard.

SFJFF Festival Year