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Seven Israeli and Palestinian children living in and around Jerusalem provide deeply humane insight into the complexities of the conflict in the Middle East. Shot during the period between the Oslo peace accords and the current turmoil, these highly articulate and endearingly honest children tell of their efforts to come to grips with the religious and national conflicts that have shaped their daily lives. The children, aged between 11 and 13 during the initial interview, live within a 20-minute radius of one another but have little direct knowledge of the other's lives. Filmmaker Goldberg, who speaks Hebrew and Arabic, serves as an onscreen intermediary between them. The children tell stories of growing up amid the conflict with matter-of-factness and show frequent glimpses of a more hardened, adult nature than we might imagine given their tender years. The story veers in a surprising direction when several Jewish and Arab children come together; it is in this poignant segment that the film truly lives up to its title.

2001 Rotterdam Film Festival, Audience Award; 2001 San Francisco International Film Festival Golden Gate Award, Best Bay Area Documentary and Audience Award Best Documentary

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