The Inner Tour

| 94 mins | , ,

There’s no question that the Israel-Palestinian conflict is both volatile and intransigent. But media coverage of the region, which overwhelmingly dwells on violent extremism, rarely breaks down the wall that keeps one side from truly understanding the other. The documentary INNER TOUR innovatively probes the human side of the crisis, bringing to light, with unparalleled grace and sensitivity, stories of loss and displacement told from the Palestinian perspective.

Together with his Palestinian-Israeli production team, director Ra’anan Alexandrowicz follows a diverse group of Palestinians on a three-day sightseeing tour of Israel, once considered home by many of the passengers. With the visitors' eyes riveted on the prosperous Israeli towns rushing by, the tour almost immediately takes on disturbing and heart-wrenching overtones. Small moments speak volumes about the complexity of the situation.

The encounter with Israel prompts each passenger to reflect on the harsh realities of the present and to recollect a vanished past. As they look outside, we in turn are given a precious window into the soul of Palestinian society. Alexandrowicz has fashioned a luminous, indelible vérité poem that moves us to profound insight and subtle catharsis.

Caroline Libresco

Sundance Film Festival, 2002

SFJFF Festival Year