The New Jewish Filmmaking Project, a collaborative program of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival and Citizen Film, is a year-round program of the Jewish Film Institute that educates young filmmakers exploring Jewish themes on the conceptual, technical and production elements of filmmaking and distribution, incorporating film exhibition and multi-media interactive installations into its growing repository of youth-created documentary films and media. NJFP films have been viewed by more than 300,000 people to date through collaborations with public television and exhibition in classrooms nationwide.

Stay up to date with NJFP: The Jewish Film Institute and Citizen Film will be uploading full films from the Project archive on a bi-monthly basis to the JFI YouTube Channel, beginning with 2002’s Not Another Jewish Movie,which can be watched in full below. Sign up for the JFI newsletter and subscribe to the JFI YouTube channel to be notified when the latest film hits the web!

Visit the JFI Archive and search for films tagged NJFP to see a full list of New Jewish Filmmaking Project titles.

About Citizen Film

Citizen Film is a not-for-profit production company dedicated to crafting documentaries with care and dignity. They collaborate with cultural institutions, community organizations and independent producers to create films and online media that foster active engagement in cultural and civic life.