Adolescence is hard enough without having to worry about maintaining a world record. But for Naomi Kutin, shopping for a bat mitzvah dress, keeping up with homework and lifting nearly three times her weight is just another day in her preteen life. What started as a hobby for an eight-year-old and her dad, Ed, a weightlifter himself, quickly turned awe-inspiring when the tiny Orthodox Jewish girl set a world record for her weight class at the age of just 10, besting women three times her age in the sport of powerlifting. Director Jessie Auritt's first feature-length documentary follows Naomi not only through the incredible successes, including managing TV appearances and a robust Facebook following, but also the struggles. As Naomi approaches adolescence, her body is changing, the competition is getting fiercer and unexpected health issues may jeopardize her future. Now, Naomi and her family must reconcile the dissonance between her alter ego of Supergirl: a strong, loud, intense, and powerful person, and the girl she is when out of her lifting belt. Through highs and lows, this intimate documentary provides an insider's look at the path to success in a little-known sport, as well as the ways in which a close-knit Orthodox family balances life with a real-life superhero. - Alexis Whitham

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