Misha and the Wolves - SFJFF41 OPENING NIGHT (VIRTUAL)


A young orphan’s unusual tale of survival during the Holocaust captivated the world. In a desperate effort to be re-united with her beloved parents, 7 year old Misha Defonseca escapes her indifferent foster family and begins her trek alone armed only with a pocket knife through a bleak wintry war torn European landscape. Beset with hunger, on the verge of hypothermia, attacked by a German soldier, Misha’s unimaginable horror turns to hope as she is adopted by a different family – a pack of wolves who would become her protectors and a powerful symbol of Misha’s near mythical tale. After writing a best-selling memoir of her exploits, Hollywood came knocking, including the likes of Oprah and Disney. But when Misha’s publisher Jane Daniels, finds herself being sued for millions, Jane turns detective and begins to unpack the story to reveal a deeper and darker truth. World Premiered at Sundance.

Filmmaker Sam Hobkinson & Sundance Festival Senior Programer Harry Vaughn

NOTE: This film is available nationwide

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