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Do I have to watch an online screening at the listed start time? 
Your online ticket allows you access to screen the film program at any time during the 4-day celebration starting 12:01AM on February 25th through 11:59PM on Sunday February 28th.

Why does it say Suggested Viewing Time?
Some of our patrons really want that "festival experience" - so we have offered a suggested viewing schedule for those of you who want to follow along at home, but feel free to watch the films in any order, at any time as they are available for streaming from Feb 25 - 28th.

How do I watch a Q&A's for a film?
The Q&A will automatically play in the Digital Screening Room following the film.

Can I watch online screenings from anywhere? 
The 8th Annual JFI WinterFest online film screenings are available to patrons  anywhere. In some cases, films are geoblocked to California, Northern California, or in some cases, just the San Francisco Bay Area. Please check individual film pages for details. The conversations, celebrations and Q&A’s are open to all.

Can I stop and start while screening? 
You may interrupt your screening, as long as you complete your viewing by 11:59pm February 28th.

How do I buy a ticket?
Tickets for individual films are available for purchase directly from the film pages or the Event Lineup page. Please consider a special gift in order to ensure that JFI can continue to bring you ongoing and future programs. Tickets for the Drive-In film can only be purchase online, printed out at home and placed in the window of your car.


Chromecast – With a Google Chromecast device, you can 'cast' directly to your television from any compatible app or device. Chromecast is built into many smart tvs, and also available as additional hardware.

  • You can stream films on Chromecast by 'casting' from your smartphone, tablet, or computer on the same Wi-Fi network. For information on using your Chromecast, click here.  

AirPlay – Screen sharing is available using your Apple AirPlay enabled device or SmartTV (most Samsung TVs)Instructions for screen sharing from an Apple device using your Apple TV using AirPlay can be found here. 
HDMI Cable – Using a special cable available at many stores, you can connect your computer or mobile device to your television. 

  • If you have a laptop or nearby computer with an HDMI port, you can connect it directly to your television, using it as a second or external monitor. Some laptops or computers require special adaptors or dongles to connect to the HDMI cable. The details will depend on your setup. We recommend referencing your television and computer manuals for more information. 

With the shift to online, the Jewish Film Institute has created new digital agreements with filmmakers and distributors, and those agreements sometimes include limiting online streaming access to certain geographic locations. This is called geo-blocking. If an invidivual film is geoblocked to a specific area, it will be noted on the individual film page. CLICK HERE for a list of all non-geoblocked WinterFest films.

Festival Accessibility

JFI is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible experience at all of our events. We work throughout the year with our screening and event venues, and with the disability community, to continually improve our attendee experience.

The 8th Annual WinterFest celebration will be held February 25-28th, and is largely digital. There will be one opening night screening at Fort Mason Flix.

Panels and Virtual Screenings with Q&A's will have the Q&A's captioned and feature an ASL interpreter.

Fort Mason Flix  
The Fort Mason Flix popup drive-in is an accessible venue. The bathrooms are ADA applicant. There are flat parking spots available. COVID-19 precautions are in place, including MASKS REQUIRED and SOCIAL DISTANCING enforced. See film page for additional precautions and restrictions.

What can I expect when I arrive at the theater?

The drive-in venue has traffic lines where ticket holders wait until the cars are directed to specified spaces. When you arrive at Fort Mason, please look for a JFI staff member or drive-in staff who will direct you to the appropriate area. While waiting in line, please remain inside your vehicle at all times.

If exiting the vehicle for restrooms (ADA accessible on site) or concessions, MASKS ARE REQUIRED at all times. DO NOT ATTEND if you feel ill or have been in contact with anyone testing positive for COVID-19. MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE at all times and remain inside your vehicle for the duration of the film.

JFI believes in everyone's right to choose the restroom they are most comfortable using; please disregard any exclusionary signage that may be visible at our venues.

Outside food and beverages are allowed and available for purchase nearby. 

Anything else I should know?

  • All programs are subject to change without notice. Refunds and exchanges will only be issued in the rare case of program cancellations.
  • The majority of films are unrated and may not be suitable for ages 17 and under unless otherwise noted. Parental discretion is advised.
  • Each film will be shown in its original language (with English subtitles for non-English films), unless otherwise noted.
  • Recording devices of any type are not permitted at the drive-in or for virtual screenings.
  • Due to the switch to virtual streaming, some of the films will be only be viewable, or geo-blocked, to within California or the Bay Area. 
  • This year, we have created the JFI Digital Screening Room powered by Vimeo, for you to view all of your selected films in one easy place. For information on how to stream on your computer or television, see below.


All Parking is General Admission
Tickets are general admission, there is no assigned parking. Staff will do their best to accommodate all vehicles. For sightline reasons, taller vehicles such as SUVs will be parked towards the rear of the venue so as not to block the views of smaller cars.

Late Arrivals
In order to ensure all patrons have an enjoyable experience please arrive early. Any late arrivals, 20 minutes after the showing has begun, will not be permitted into the event. Tickets are non-refundable and are not exchangeable.

Restroom Use 
When patrons exit their vehicles to use the restroom facilities, they must wear a mask at all times and adhere to protocols laid out by restroom docents, e.g., one person at a time in the restroom, 6ft apart in lines, etc.

Occupancy for Vehicle 
Each vehicle may only be occupied by members of the same household who have already been in close contact with each other.

Car headlights must be turned off during the film. Prior to arrival, please locate how to manually turn car headlights off.

There will be ZERO tolerance for those not complying with the above. Guests who cannot or will not comply will be asked to leave the premises and no refunds will be given.

Health & Safety Guidelines

 Masks will be required by all attendees over the age of 2 when outside of the vehicle. Mask with exhalation valve are not allowed 
 Parking spaces are distanced by 6 feet to promote and maintain social distancing.
 Attendees are asked to remain in their vehicles when not using the restroom facilities or purchasing from concessions. 
 Restroom facilities will be regularly cleaned and sanitized.
 Concessions will be marked with all socially distant signage and enforced.
 Please follow socially distance requirements at all times including concessions and bathrooms. Attendees who fail to follow safe distancing at the request of staff will cause the attendee to be subject to ejection of the event. No refunds given.


Tickets at the door? 
For safety reasons, we are limiting ticket sales to online only. 

You will need your mask at all times when you are not in your vehicle. This accounts for restroom use, concession purchasing, or leaving the footprint of your vehicle for any reason.

Film Audio? 
Audio will be broadcasted through FM stereo sound that is tuned directly through your car’s FM stereo. Turn your key to accessory mode to keep your stereo on. If you don’t have an FM stereo, please bring a portable radio--there are limited numbers available for use at the event. In the rare instance that your battery dies, we will have jumper cables to get you on your way.

Entry for parking? 
FMCAC will allow cars to enter starting 60 minutes prior to the screening time.

Bathrooms are located in Building D (the long building flanking the right-side of the parking area).

Greens Restaurant is offering special boxed dinners for drive-in patrons! Email our box office if you have already purchased a ticket, but not yet recieved this information. 

Sitting in the back of our car with the trunk open?
We will try to accommodate these requests. Please inform our parking staff on arrival if you would like to do so. You must remain within the footprint of your vehicle at all times.

Can I bring chairs and sit outside of my car?
No, you must stay within your car footprint at all times.

How Can I Purchase Tickets?

Tickets are available on the individual film pages, in the upper-right corner where it says BUY TICKETS.

I still have questions. Who can I contact?
Email or call the Box Office at (415) 621-0568. Tickets and memberships can be purchased over the phone with the Box Office between 11am-5pm, Monday-Friday. 

I have a promo/voucher code to use.

  • Click on the Buy Tickets button for the film or item you'd like to purchase, and then click in the pop-up window where it says "Know a Promotion Code?"
  • Enter your promotion or voucher code and then reselect the newly created ticket price from the list of options
  • Check out as normal

Ticket Delivery

How do I pick up the tickets/passes I purchased?

Once your order is completed, the following delivery methods will be available for your selection:

E-Delivery/Print at Home for online purchases. Drive-in tickets will arrive as an attachment to the confirmation email you will receive completion of your order. Tickets may either be printed at home or presented on a mobile device to gain entry. 

Streaming. Clickable link to view the films is included in the body of the confirmation email sent after reservation/purchase is finalized.  Haven't received a confirmation email? Please check the junk or spam folder of your inbox. If the confirmation email remains elusive, contact to request a resend of the confirmation email. 

JFI Membership

Our diverse membership community makes JFI's year-round and SFJFF programs possible. Membership starts as low as $60 and includes pre-sale access to all events, exclusive invitations year-round, significant discounts on passes and tickets, and much more.

How do I become a member?
Join online!

How do I renew my membership?
You can renew any of the following ways:

Does my membership count toward tickets to the 40th Anniversary Hanukkah Celebration?
We are extending all membership benefits through December of 2020 for all programs, whether presented in July or later.

How are my member benefits changing? 
Most membership benefits remain the same, including early access to ticket sales and discounted tickets. Please consult the Membership Page for details. 

Can online screenings sell out?  
They may. Just as with our in-cinema screenings, there are often capacity limits, established by film distributors and producers, that we are obliged to adhere to. So, getting your tickets early (a member benefit!) is a good idea.

Who do I contact if I have an issue?
You can email our Box Office at or call 415-621-0568 

Note: Technical details about online screening (streaming platforms, how to use links and passes, what kinds of registration or passwords are required, etc.) will be answered closer to the screening dates.

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Community Agreement
The Jewish Film Institute supports bold, creative, independent art and artists.

Our spaces and events encourage the open exchange of ideas and perspectives with a freely flowing discourse anchored in mutual respect. Robust and inclusive debate is intrinsic to our community values and we encourage all festival goers to follow the golden rule: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

We hold steadfast in our commitment to freedom of creative expression while simultaneously lifting up anti-racist, anti-sexist, and anti-discriminationatory practices in all areas of the Jewish Film Institute Community. We strive to protect community members from conduct that is inappropriate, disruptive, abusive, or threatening.

Therefore, we ask that everyone in the Festival community—artists, audiences, volunteers, press, industry, staff, and beyond—does their part in creating an environment that is welcoming to all by committing to being:

  • Inclusive and respectful of people of every race, ethnicity, gender identity/expression, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, age, physical appearance and body size, language spoken, and immigration or economic status
  • Intentional with your words by abstaining from hate speech or actions of any kind, including the abuse of chat functions (ex. trolling)
  • Mindful of the personal space and boundaries of others by avoiding unwelcome sexual attention, harassment, stalking, and inappropriate physical contact of any kind
  • Respectful of moderators, artists, and audience members by refraining from sustained disruption of screenings, sessions, talks, or other events
  • Conscious of the power you hold by not engaging in abuse or intimidation including that related to race, gender, position, or wealth,
  • Considerate of the work of artists by refraining from phishing and pirating the work of JFI filmmakers

If you experience or witness any inappropriate conduct, you can report it via one of the following methods and a member of the Safety & Belonging Team will respond as soon as possible, no later than 12 hours.

Alert a Jewish Film Institute Customer Service rep by calling 415.621.0556 or sending an email to

All incidents that violate our commitment to one another will be subject to an immediate and equitable review process.