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Next Wave Spotlight
Suggested as a double feature with The French Italian

Director Peter Vack and actors Betsey Brown expected to attend

Rachel Ormont (Betsey Brown) lives in an all-too-familiar, decidedly dystopian, alternate universe where she tries to navigate a life of feverish monotony. Raised in captivity in the carefully controlled and craftily curated clutches of an advertising agency, Rachel’s humanity is imprinted by and organized around commodity and perception. Her parasocial relationship with the product being advertised—a popstar named Mommy 6.0 (Chloe Cherry)—blossoms, blooms, mutates, eats itself, is regurgitated and reconstituted in an insane sci-fi roller coaster ride. 

This hellaciously satirical exploration of performance, digital life, commodity culture, and modern sexuality is as deeply disturbing as it is grotesquely entertaining. Director Peter Vack provokes, pokes fun at, and perfectly encapsulates a nearly indefinable moment of terminally online, critically anxious American life. The singularity of this jarring yet reflective world is engineered with precision, malice, and wild abandon. This challenging and innovative new work is sure to make a splash. — Ash Hoyle

World Premiere

Peter Vack is an actor, filmmaker and novelist from New York City. He has appeared in 30 feature films and dozens of TV shows. His award winning short film SEND starring 3 time Emmy winner Julia Garner premiered at SXSX. His debut feature film ASSHOLES premiered at SXSW where it won the inaugural Adam Yauch Hornblower award for "non-conformity." His novel "Sillyboy" was published by Cash4Gold books. His second feature film WWW.RACHELORMONT.COM was supported by the Sundance institute and IFP.


Thursday July 25, 2024
9:00 p.m.
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80 minutes

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