This taboo-breaker by veteran Israeli filmmaker and internationally renowned camerawoman Nurith Aviv (MAKOM AVODA, 1998) is an edifying and at times very funny comparison of the meaning of circumcision across cultures. Aviv focuses on non-religious people who come from backgrounds in which the operation is routinely practiced. Interview subjects include North African and European Jews, Arabs, Christian Americans and ethnically mixed couples, all of whom come from left-wing secular backgrounds. They speak frankly about complex, contradictory emotions and discuss the difficult decisions they have made or might make for their sons. All reveal a surprisingly deep, often troubled, ambivalence about the ritual act of severance, which, paradoxically, connects Jewish males to their People. "A provocative documentary in which men, naked before the camera, speak about their penis in raw terms . . . this film sheds light on the tangled roots of culture and community." - Le Monde
Nurith Aviv was born in Tel Aviv in 1945. Currently based in Paris, she is both Israeli and French. She began her career as a press photographer in the Israeli Army, following in the footsteps of her father, who was a famous press photographer. She went on to Paris, where she studied at the film school IDHEC. Upon graduation, she returned to Israel where she was Director of Photography on a feature for the first time (the film, "Shablul," became a cult movie and remains one today). She returned to Paris, where she became France's first officially recognized woman Director of Photography. As such, she has worked with a wide range of directors including Agnes Varda, Réné Allio, Amos Gitai and many others. Nurith Aviv has worked on about 100 films, both fiction and documentaries. She has also directed her own documentaries, most recently "Circoncision," which was very well received when aired on the French-German television channel Arte this spring. Beyond her work in film, Nurith Aviv is frequently invited to teach all over the world. NURITH AVIV FILMOGRAPHY: Cinematographer : 1967 Roskos time D.Jeaggi et O.Roos (court-métrage, France) 1968 Les lycéens E. Leube (documentaire, Allemagne) 1969 Shabloul (L'escargot) Boaz Davidson (fiction, Israël) 1969-73 reportages pour la télévision israélienne 1973 Erica Minor Bertrand Van Effenterre (fiction, France-Suisse) 1974 9 mois de tournage avec les pensionnaires de la clinique psychiatrique « La Chesnaie ». 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