Desperado Square

DESPERADO SQUARE takes place in the atmosphere of a Mediterranean community of Greek Jews living in a dusty village somewhere outside of Tel Aviv, totally removed from big-city culture. The cinema is the center for the town where various characters, all well known in the village, gather for love, fantasies, and family drama. Thus, the village is frustrated when the local cinema is shuttered. Against an artful backdrop of small-town life, the film reveals a forbidden love. Dormant passions of love and loss, mystical vows and dreams, Greek cultural customs and brotherly love abound when a mysterious man, Avram, returns to town. Avram left in shame twenty years earlier and took with him the suggestive Indian film SANGAM (starring Raj Kapoor). Inspired by a dream, the theater reopens unfolding a romantic mystery between Avram and the sultry Signora, the wife of his now-deceased brother. A stellar cast including the prominent Arab Israeli actor Muhammad Bakri (BEYOND THE WALLS, CUP FINAL) as Avram, Ayelet Zorer (DYBUK OF THE HOLY APPLE FIELD, FLORENTENE) and Nir Levi (YANNA’S FRIENDS). With an evocative soundtrack of Greek, Israeli, and Indian music. Altogether an exotic treat.
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