Najwa, Nawal, and Siham, three Palestinian widows, live with their 11 children in a house on Shudada Street in Hebron. Their home is caught between two cultures; the facade is under Israeli occupation and the Palestinian Authority controls the back. At the entrance is an Israeli military post, and on the roof the Israelis have a machine-gun look out. While Israeli soldiers take up their daily post on the roof, the women hang their laundry, gossip, and clean up the soldiers' litter. The absurdity of their situation is almost unfathomable. This bold and well-crafted documentary by two Israeli women provides a unique window into the lives of Palestinian women living under occupation.
Filmography & Biograpghy of Anat Even Professional Education: UCLA – Film and Art Studies (1982-1984) The American University in Paris – French & Art Studies (1989-1990) Work for TV Stations Israel Today – An American Israeli TV Station in Los Angeles, directed and edited reportage documentary films and commercials. 1983-84. IBA – Israel TV directed reportage for various programs and magazines on the subjects of nature, science, art and humanities. 1988-92. Scriptwriting, Directing & Producing – Full-length Films “Duda”, 1994 A several months documentary follow-up of Israelis who are undergoing a process of quitting and rehabilitation at a drug rehabilitation center in Spain. (co-producer - Ilan Yagoda). (Entry at Leipzig Festival). “Positivos”, 1995 AIDS patients and carriers search for new meaning for their lives; three mixed couples grapple with the fundamental questions of life. Filmed in France and Spain. (Entry at Jerusalem Film Festival) “Compromise”, 1996 A cultural meeting between two theater groups, the Khan Theater in West Jerusalem and El Casaba Theater in East Jerusalem, who produce “Romeo and Juliette in Jerusalem”. The film deals with the political and artistic gaps that surface during rehearsals, which took place parallel to the peace process. (Entries in Jerusalem Film Festival, Leipzig Festival and Washington Festival). Direction & Production of Shorts: “|Avram’s Grocery Store”, 1996 Three generations of grocery store owners, at Neve Zedek old neighborhood of Tel Aviv, as frantic developments takes place in the area. |”Education 2000”, 1991 Unique experimental teaching methods used in Israel, questioning the school’s role in the communication area., Biograpghy of Ada Ushpiz Professional Education: BA in Philosophy and Literature at Tel Aviv University, 1970 BA in film directing at London Film School, 1974 BA in History with director course to a PhD, 1988 1969-99- Reporter in Haa’retz daily newspaper, in the following roles; Editor of educational section, night editor, head of day desk. Scriptwriting and Directing – Full Length Films Documentary films produced by the Israeli television and the Israel Film Institute: “Laila Shlawit”, 1976 The story of a social worker in secluded villages in the Galilee. “White Bridge”, 1978 A documentary about the prejudices of the Israeli medical community regarding patients from Arabic countries. “Four Stories”, 1980 A documentary on Memorial Day. “Not as Sheep to the Slaughter”, 1986 The story of the uprising at the Bialistock Ghetto.
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