Doda Diya

When the filmmaker’s elderly Tunisian-Jewish aunt fulfills her dream of returning to the Isle of Djerba, he follows her with a camera. Doda Dia immediately feels right at home. She takes great pleasure in simple tasks, like bargaining with shopkeepers at the colorful outdoor market, and in an all-important challenge: finding the perfect Tunisian bride for her beloved Israeli nephew.
Moshe Huri Born 1971,,Israel. Lives in Netivot. An independent Director, Photographer and Producer. He is now making a film about Netivot, a development city in the southern periphery of Israel, in which he was born and lives. Director and Photographer of several episodes in the program "Kav Ladmut" (Channel 1). A teacher of communications in a religious girl's high school in Be'er Sheva. Filmography: Director: "Doda Diya" (Documentary, 25 min, Israel 2000) - Winner of Ma'ale Best documentary for 2000 Photographer: "Mussayof 9" -by Azaria Hammer (Ducomentary, 20 min, Israel 1999) - 2nd Prize, Filmmaker Film Festival, Milano, Italy 1999. "Something From There" - by David Messika (Documentary, 20 min, Israel 1999) - Ma'ale Best Documentary Film for 1999. "Newspapers and Flowers" by Micha Ben sachar (Fictional, 21 min, Israel 2001) "Evacuation" by Shoshi Grinfield (Fictional, 16 min, Israel 2001)
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