Fast Trip, Long Drop

"Before I die I want to be the agent of my own history," says Alter Allesman, the Yiddish personification of Everyman in FAST TRIP, LONG DROP. And so he is. This film is the extraordinary diary of Allesman, the fictitious embodiment of activist and filmmaker Gregg Bordowitz, and a powerful declaration that everyone is living with AIDS. Painful topics such as infection, guilt, anger, and ambivalence are addressed with both humor and nihilism. Archival footage of car crashes and daredevil stunts provoke a meditation on the nature of "risk." Bordowitz mines his own Jewish cultural history in search of ethical criteria to face the loss and despair caused by the AIDS epidemic. The filmmaker does not offer a pat definition of what it means to live with AIDS, but rather, insists on freedom from such a definition. With a fantastic soundtrack by the Klezmatics.
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