Father and Son

Marcel Lozinksi survived World War II by living in a children’s shelter in Paris as his parents sought to escape the Nazis. He went on to become an award-winning documentarian with almost two dozen films to his credit. In 1989, Lozinksi was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Short for 89mm from Europe, a film about political, cultural and psychological borders. In Father and Son, Lozinski revisits some of these same themes by taking a road trip with his son, Pawel, also a successful documentary filmmaker. In this case, the mode of transportation is a VW camper van that they use to transit across central Europe from Poland to France so that can Marcel can revisit some of his childhood haunts and commune with the spirit of his deceased mother. In this case, however, the borders explored are those that separate childhood from adulthood and the role of father from that of son. Filled with memorable cinematography and seamlessly edited, this is a moving, intimate film that you won’t soon forget. Bay Area Premiere
Pawel Lozinski was born on December 4th, 1965 in Warsaw. He is a student of the 4th course of Directory Department at Film School in Lodz. In 1991, he was awarded as the "Young Director of the Year" for THE VOYAGE. In 1992, BIRTHPLACE was awarded the Prize TVP (Polish Television) and Don Quijote by the Polish Federation of Film Societies.
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