Freud Leaving Home

Freud is the sexy, spirited, 25-year-old daughter of Holocaust survivors Ruben and Rosha Cohen. Rosha is celebrating her 60th birthday with a lavish party, so Freud's wayward, Orthodox sister, Deborah, comes home from Israel, and her dreamy, gay brother, David, returns from the U.S. But this family reunion takes a decidedly chaotic turn when Rosha is suddenly hospitalized. Freud flees to the countryside for love on a motorcycle, Deborah agonizes over an unwanted pregnancy, and David confronts his father's denial of his sexual preference. By the end of this hot Swedish summer, everyone in this vibrant, neurotic family experiences love, loss, and reconciliation.
Susanne Bier was born in 1960 in Danmark. She attended film school in Copenhagen 1983-1987. She directed and scripted her examination film De saligas e (Island of the Blessed). The film received first prize at the Film School Festival in Munich and was sold to the BBC. She has also directed several rock-videos and has worked as an assistant director on two feature films. Freud Leaving Home is Susanne Bier's first feature film.
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