Georgia My Love

Nitza Gonen playfully captures the beauty and spunk of Maya and Manana, Georgian immigrants to Israel who express their love for Georgia through their strongest talents: music and dance. Growing up in Israel was not easy; like many immigrants from the former Soviet Union, they faced rejection from mainstream Israeli society. Attached to both countries, Maya, a singer, resists going down a new, trendy artistic path and instead pursues her love for traditional Georgian songs. Manana, a graceful dancer, works hard at polishing her moves with fellow Georgians. Setting aside time from their work at a bridal salon, they prepare for the big day—a performance of Georgian dance in front of a large audience. And supporting them through all of their endeavors is their lovable Georgian mama.
From 2008 Festival: Director, Israel Noga Gamlieli is a documentary Director. Her work has covered a variety of television documentary and drama films. Her latest film focused on widows and handicapped who struggled to rebuilt their lives. A few years before, she made a journey to the past of a man who had been a victim of sexual abuse in his childhood. Her camera was a witness to a painful reunion of six soldiers, 20 years after Yom-Kippur War, on the Suez Canal – the place where they were taken captive and tortured by the Egyptians. In a documentary on an important Art Biennale, she innovatively used children's impressions and insights as a leading theme, in contrast with the point of view of the exhibit curator. Ms. Gamlieli was a leading director of a prestigious literature series which deal with books that reflect the Israeli social arena. In a historical series that depicted prominent Jewish figures, she turned an otherwise factual and dry subject into a dynamic and cinematic television format.
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