Get Out!

This dramatic comedy takes the classic tale of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and turns it inside out. Good natured Motl the Jew lives with his family in a turn-of-the-century Ukrainian village. There, he works hard, and is a generous host to all, including his drunken neighbor and his relatives who never quite manage to leave. He is popular and well loved, especially by the ladies from the local bordello. But he is constantly plagued by visions of outsiders who want to kill him. When authorities declare a pogrom against the Jews, sure enough, his drunken neighbor is the first to show up with an axe in hand. Despite this, there are others who conspire to protect Motl and his family while pretending to the authorities that they are dutifully oppressing them. Funny, bawdy, and humane, this film is a declaration of ethnic pride and tolerance in the face of historic bigotry and anti-Semitism. With a twist ending that would blow Tevye's mind!
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