God Is Great And I'm Not

As the sparklingly expressive star of the Oscar-nominated AMÉLIE, Audrey Tautou won the hearts of audiences around the world. She’s back with another relentlessly charming performance; this time in a very contemporary romantic comedy that reaches out across cultural boundaries. Tautou plays Michèle, a high-strung Parisian supermodel who falls in love with François, a down-to-earth Jewish veterinarian. Their already improbable relationship turns into a series of hilarious and ironic situations when she decides, despite her non-observant boyfriend’s vigorous protests, to convert to Judaism and teach him about his religion. Edouard Baer is charismatic and believable as the overwhelmed François. And Mathieu Demy, star of last year’s SFJFF Opening Night Film ONCE WE GROW UP, is delightful as Michèle’s pesky but endearing ex-boyfriend. Director and screenwriter Pascale Bailly deftly converts her characters’ cultural differences and eccentricities into a stream of lighthearted social satire that makes us laugh out loud.
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