A little boy sends an e-mail message to God.
god@heaven marks the fourth and final short film of Joseph Neulight’s career in the UCLA Director’s Program, where he has distinguished himself as one of the most prolific and promising young talents to emerge in recent years. His prior short film credits include "Chicago 1966," "The Numb," and "The Dent", which have traveled widely on the international film festival circuit and garnered numerous awards. Neulight’s undergraduate studies at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire included a broad exposure to classical and conteporary theater, fiction and non-fiction film, and dramatic writing. He spent part of his second year in London, England, studying classical acting under West End and RSC professionals, attending over forty plays -- and as many movies. As a college senior, Neulight won high praise for his first short film "One Soft Moment," and was presented Dartmouth’s screenwriting prize for his feature-length script by the same title. He graduated in 1991, Phi Beta Kappa, with highest honors in the major. To finance his short films, Neulight has produced and directed numerous commercial videos, and worked heavily as a freelance picture editor. This film, “god@heaven,” was financed mostly with money earned by editing a weekly children’s cartoon for Columbia/Tri-Star Television during the autumn of 1997. Neulight is right now poised to direct his first low-budget feature film, entitled Lovely Rita, an edgy love story. Targeted for studio development are several slightly more epic screenplays, including The White and Grace Millennium. Neulight is also a founder of Withoutabox.com, an indie film website set to launch in Winter 2001. Born in Philadelphia and raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania, Neulight has been living and working in Los Angeles and New York.
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