Loosely based on Lewis Caroll's "Through the Looking Glass", BREAD is a series of metamorphoses. We pass through a table into a world of strange mutations where bread crumbs bounce and dance. At the end, gravity wins.
I'm an artist working with different media, including film. I'm part of LABORATORIUM, an artists group, and also serve on the board of the local shul here in Braunschweig. I bounce between Braunschweig, were my studio is, and Berlin, which is much more exciting. FILMOGRAPHY MOSAÏC, 2001, 45 min., is my current project, is an attempt to blur the boundaries between Jewish & Islamic (non-figurative) visual traditions, mostly using architecture in movement. Mosaïc is being made in cooperation with UNESCO. GEOGRAPHIE, 2000, 35mm, 1 min. 30 sec. SANTOOR, 1998, 35mm, 13 min. Inspired by a friend, the musician Nandkishor Muley, his music, and internationalism. PURIM, 1995, 16mm, 5 min. Reflections on the holiday. 1997 SFJFF. BREAD, 1994, 16mm, 3 min. Bread crumb animation. A PRINTED FILM, 1994, 35mm, 1 min. 30 sec. Typography printed with lead type directly on film. 1996 SFJFF. GEGENÜBER, 1994, 16mm, 1 min. 30 sec. (together with Thomas Batels). Black and White meet and fight. THREE, 1993, 16mm, 3 min. 20 sec. One third of an installation project on a Magical Number including a film and an artists' book. UNTITLED COLOURMATION, 1991, 16mm, 45 sec. A whimsical, painterly film.
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