All We Carry

Join us after the film at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco for an extended conversation featuring director Cady Voge; Cecilia Candia, CARECEN SF Senior Staff Attorney; and Joe Goldman, HIAS Community Engagement Director, Western Region.

Spring, 2018. Over a thousand Central American migrants journey through Mexico to the US border escaping the dangers of poverty, natural disaster and organized crime. Traveling together for safety against the ever present risk of extortion and violence by corrupt Mexican officials, Magdiel, Mirna, and toddler Joshua flee Honduras for the chance at a better life. Targeted by narco traffickers for their land and hunted for the crime of reporting to police, Magdiel says, "It's better to live in danger for a short while on this journey than to live a lifetime of danger in our country."

Summer, 2018. Detained and separated for three months, the family is finally reunited in Seattle. With their final court hearing set for December 2020, and Magdiel denied a work permit, the family must find a way to survive for the next two years. Connected to a synagogue in Western Seattle, they soon find themselves welcomed into the close knit Jewish Community. Many are first generation Americans themselves whose families fled the terror of the Holocaust. They greet the young Honduran family with open arms and together they navigate the next two tumultuous years of highs and lows including a new baby and the COVID crises.

A 2022 recipient of a JFI Completion Grant, Bay Area director Cady Voge's most recent work puts faces to the fraught politicization of America's border crossings, showing us what's at stake.

Cady Voge is a filmmaker and journalist specializing in character-driven, longform, and vérité storytelling. All We Carry is Cady’s feature directorial debut. Her other directorial credits include two short films, El Cristo Negro (2019) and Ballet In El Salvador is Alcira Alonso (2019). As a filmmaker, she has shot, produced, and directed short films for NBC, The New Humanitarian, and other media outlets across the Americas. She is currently in pre-production on her next feature documentary, which examines OB/GYN Meg Autry's quest to launch a reproductive health clinic in federal waters in the Gulf of Mexico. She has been an International Women’s Media Foundation fellow and grantee, a WIF/Sundance Financing Intensive fellow, and a Film Independent Fast Track fellow.

Cady met the participants of her debut feature documentary, All We Carry, while covering the 2018 migrant caravan in Mexico, for which her reporting was nominated for an Eppy.


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