Subjective POV: Filmmaker Barak Heymann Reflects on Israel’s Complex Reality

Join us after the presentation at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco for a reception with Barak Heymann.

JFI WinterFest hosts a special presentation by Israeli filmmaker and SFJFF alumnus Barak Heymann featuring unvarnished and deeply humanizing excerpts from twenty years of his life’s work documenting the complex realities facing Israelis and Palestinians. This event is a rare opportunity to hear directly from Heymann—one of Israel’s most prolific and well-respected filmmakers—who suffered personal losses in the October 7 Hamas attacks. Several of his close friends had parents and relatives murdered, and his high school classmate was killed in front of her children. Amidst all of the pain and rage, he is also in daily contact with friends in Gaza, including one woman who is fleeing from both Hamas and IDF fire. Through clips from over twenty years of work, he shares his perspective and those of the participants in his films as he grapples with Israel’s current complex reality. 

Barak Heymann (b. 1976) has been directing and producing documentaries for film and television for more than two decades. Heymann has screened many acclaimed and beloved films at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, including Bridge Over the Wadi (SFJFF ‘08), Dancing Alfonso (SFJFF ‘08), and Mr. Gaga (SFJFF ‘16). His production company Heymann Brothers Films, which he runs with his brother Tomer, has produced over 20 documentaries. Their films have premiered in numerous festivals worldwide, such as Berlinale, IDFA and Hot Docs, where they have won prestigious awards. He lives and works in Israel.

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