10 Questions for Henry Ford

The domineering figure of Henry Ford still looms large, casting a long shadow across time and space in this rumination on the infamous titan of the auto industry. Structured around ten pressing questions about Ford’s actions, beliefs and regrets, 10 Questions for Henry Ford, intercuts archival footage of the man and his family with scenes from modern day Michigan where actor John Lepard wanders as the specter of Ford searching for the spirit of his estranged son, Edsel. As he journeys across his home state, drifting through the many ruins and landmarks of his long life, the film highlights the profound ways Ford’s words and deeds impacted history and still haunt society today, echoed in the ugly resurgence of antisemitism in the United States. Writer/director/composer Andy Kirschner draws upon a myriad of century-old archival documents, oral histories and personal notebooks from Ford to craft this hybrid documentary. Lyrically told through a fictionalized voiceover from the ghost of Ford as he attempts to answer each of the ten questions, the film grapples with the complex, turbulent life and legacy of one of the most notorious antisemitic voices in American history.

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