9 Years Later

Raised as a Muslim in Morocco, Danielle is now Jewish, a single mother and a housecleaner living in Israel. At the beginning of this heartfelt documentary, Danielle decides to return to Morocco to gain custody of the 14-year-old son she left behind nine years earlier, when she moved to Israel to break away from her abusive third marriage. The film traces her emotional journey as she confronts the frustrating bureaucratic obstacles posed by the Rabbinical Court and other Israeli institutions. The filmmakers skillfully unveil the fascinating details of Danielle’s family history and draw attention to the differences between life in modern-day Israel and Morocco, while suggesting the way poverty keeps individuals trapped in similar circumstances regardless of location. 9 Years Later explores themes of class, cultural and religious identity and the bonds between women, but is ultimately a tribute to motherhood and the sacrifices women make on behalf of their children. Best Editing Award, DocAviv. – Hagar Scher
w/English Subtitle
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