A Berlin Lost

An unusual conceptual piece, this collaboration between American media artist Kostelanetz and German filmmaker Koerber focuses on the great Jewish Cemetery of Berlin. The evocative gravestones are an archaeological window into Berlin's greatest years and a vanished world. 1985 Berlin Film Festival.
Openings & Closings (with Barton Weiss, 1976-78): Anthology Film Archives (New York, Dec. 10, 1976); Western Front (Vancouver, BC., Feb. 10 , 1977); Hamline College (St. Paul, MN, April 2, 1977); University of Texas (April 21, 1977); Global Village (New York, March 30, 1979). Constructivist Fictions (with Peter Longauer, 1978): Global Village (New York, March 30, 1979); Donnell Library (New York, April 21, 1984); "Artists & Film," Millennium (New York, April 6, 1985); "The Greatest Really Short Avant-Garde Film Festival of 1985," Millennium (New York, April 13, 1985); 25th Festival Mondial du Cinema de Courts Metrages (Huy, Belgium, Oct. 27, 1985), where it received a certificate of honorable mention in the "Classe Independant"; Anthology Film Archives (New York, March 29 1990. Epiphanies (in English, 1981): Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (Sept. 24, 1981): Arsenal (West Berlin, May 24, 1982); Donnell Library (New York, April 10, 1984); Albright College (Reading, PA, April 19, 1984); Anthology Film Archives (New York, March 29, 1990). Epiphanies (in German, 1982): North German Television Network (Berlin-Hamburg-Bremen [SFB-NDR-RB], July 1, 1983). Ein Verlorenes Berlin (with Martin Koerber, 1984): Berlin Film Festival, Internationales forum des jungen films (Feb., 1984); Oberhausen Festival of Short Films (April, 1984); Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (June 4, 1984); Goethe House (New York, Nov. 4, 1984); Goethe House (Chicago, Feb., 1985); 1. Internationales Dokumentarfilmfestival Munchen (Dec. 13-14, 1985); Gesellschaft fur Christlich-Judische Zusammenarbeit (Jan. 22, 1986); CUNY-TV (New York, May 29, 1986); Goethe-Institut, Rio de Janiero (June 18, 1987); Goethe-Institut, Buenos Aires (June 22, 1987); North German Television Network (1988); Bayerischen Haupstaatsarchiv (Munich, May 8-11, 1989); Filmmuseum, Potsdam (Jan. 23, 1992). A Berlin Lost (with Martin Koerber, 1985): Edinburgh International Film Festival (August, 1985); Lehigh Valley Center of Jewish Studies--Lehigh University, Lafayette College, Muhlenberg College (Oct. 22-23, 1985); Ann Arbor Film Festival (prize-winner, March 11, 1986), which toured to Daytona Beach Community College (March 25-26, 1986), Virginia Commonwealth Univ. (April 4-5, 1986), Kent State Univ. (April 10, 1986), Madison Filmmakers Cooperative (May 11-12, 1986), International House (Philadelphia, PA, June 11-12, 1986), Renaissance Rialto Theatre (San Francisco); Imperial Valley Campus, San Diego State Univ. (Calexico, CA, April 7, 1986); Univ. of Puerto Rico (April 9, 1986).; Melbourne International Film Festival (Australia, June 19-29, 1986); Jewish Film Festival: Pagoda Palace Theater (San Francico, August 5, 1986), Univ. of California (Berkeley, August 13, 1986), Jerusalem Film Festival (June 27-July 4, 1987), International Jewish Symposium, Jewish Community Center, W. Bloomfield, MI (March 21-22, 1988), Anthology Film Archives (via Filmmakers Cooperative screenings, April 27, 1991), University of Kentucky (February 1998), Penn State University (September 2000). Ett Forloratt Berlin (with Martin Koerber, 1984): Goethehaus (Stockholm, Sept., 1986) Berlin Perdu (with Martin Koerber, 1986): Goethe-Institut, Toulouse (January 1988); Anthology Film Archives (New York, 31 March 1990), with A Berlin Lost, Ein Verlornes Berlin, Ett Forlorat Berlin, Berlin Sche-Einena Jother, El Berlin Perdido. Berlin Sche-Einena Jother (with Martin Koerber, 1987); The Jewish Museum (New York, July 1988), with A Berlin Lost. All these Berlin films are screened from time to time at Goethe-Instituts around the world without notification of the filmmakers. From secondary informants we know about screenings in South America in 1988 and in India and Sri Lanka in the summer of 1991. There have no doubt been many more. There may well have been other screenings that have slipped my memory, especially of the earlier films. The historical details on this list were not compiled until 1986
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