A Day in October

A suspense drama about the underground war-time evacuation of the Jews from Nazi-occupied Denmark to neutral Sweden. The Jewish Kublitz family lives quietly and comfortably in Copenhagen until a wounded Gentile resistance fighter, Niels, is saved from death by young Sarah Kublitz who gives him shelter in the Kublitz home. Sarah and Niels fall in love, the Resistance learns of the Nazis plans to arrest Jews, and Sarah's father, who works as a bookkeeper in a Nazi arms factory, must face some tough moral choices - including whether to sabotage the factory in which he works. A DAY IN OCTOBER, by the Academy Award-winning producers of BABETTE'S FEAST, presents with distinction the true story of a nation that had the courage to stand up against the enemy. With D.B. Sweeney, Kelly Wolf, and Tovah Feldshuh.
KENNETH MADSEN was born in Copenhagen in 1953. He apprenticed as a still photographer when he was just a teenager, and in 1974 he made his first Super-8mm movie which was distributed around Denmark through amateur film clubs. In 1975, MADSEN began his own still photography studio which eventually excelled in advertising photography. Two years later he produced and directed a Danish commercial for Dry Sack Sherry (photographed by Bille August who was later to direct Pelle the Conquer), which won a CLIO Award in New York in 1978. Danish and British cinemas. This gave him the opportunity to work with British technicians, and such noted cinematographers as Adrian Biddle and Howard Atherton. He also directed two one-hour documentaries on soccer for Carlsberg. In 1980, MADSEN sold his Danish company and moved to New York City, where he produced commercials for Danish clients. He then joined several commercial production houses as a director: BEAN-KAHN FILMS, EVE SCREEN GEMS, SUNLIGHT PICTURES AND HARMONY PICTURES. It was during this period that MADSEN became associated with A Day in October producer PHILIPPE RIVIER. While directing in New York, MADSEN founded the TAPE HOUSE EDITORIAL COMPANY, a post-production facility, and KENMAD PRODUCTIONS, INC., which co- produced A Day in October. KENMAD also owns a Grip Truck Rental, which provided the equipment for the film, and Copenhagen's Empire Stage, a state-of-the-art facility built in a former locomotive engine factory that served as the film's primary location. MADSEN resides in New York and Copenhagen with his wife Holly and their young daughter, Myanna Louisa.
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