Alice and I

Simon has to drive his old aunt Mala and two of her friends, Lydia and Colette, to the seaside. While driving, he gets a call from his girlfriend, Alice, which turns into an argument. Being the Jewish grandmothers that they are, the three women slowly but surely interfere. This, of course doesn't solve anything
From 2008 Festival: Director, Belgium Micha Wald was born in Brussels in 1974. After studying at the INSAS, he has shot three short films, including “Alice et moi”, winner of the Petit Rail d’Or award at the 43rd International Critics’ Week as well as forty other prizes around the world. His first feature “Horse Thieves” has been released in 2007 and has been notably selected at Cannes International Film Festival 07 (International Critics’ Week). It has been awarded Jury Prize at Athens Film Festival 08, as well as at Amazonas Adventure Film Festival (Brazil). He is currently preparing his second feature, Simon Konianski, a black comedy in which he continues to follow the adventures of the main character of “Alice et moi”.
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