All That Really Matters

A true story of the triumph of love over adversity, based on the lives of Jewish poet Aleksander Wat, his wife Ola and their son. It is 1939 and the Wat family flees Nazi-occupied Warsaw for the presumed safety of the Communist East. Wat is arrested during a Stalinist purge, and Ola and their son are exiled to Kazakhstan. Against all odds Ola and her son vow never to give up their dream of being reunited with Aleksander. "Why do people pray?" the child wants to know. "Because they want to have hope," Ola replies. In a story that beautifully captures our ability to inflict senseless cruelty as well as to act with utter kindness, ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS in the end, is love. Nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, 1993 Oscars; 1993 San Francisco International Film Festival.
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