Arab Labor: Season 3

This wickedly funny Israeli sitcom is known for taking adroit equal-opportunity jabs at Israeli and Palestinian stereotypes alike. Now it lampoons itself! In brand-new episodes from the third season, Palestinian-Israeli protagonist Amjad is incensed to learn that his family’s mere presence in their new Jewish neighborhood is driving down property values. Hell bent on proving to the world that Arabs and Jews can coexist under the same roof, Amjad joins the cast of the reality TV series, Big Brother. What starts as a plan to endear Jewish Israelis to a “model Palestinian” quickly backfires when producers challenge him to pass as a Jew among his fellow competitors. Amjad hides his identity, and ugly prejudices bubble to the surface. As he is catapulted into fame of paparazzi-dodging proportions, Amjad transforms into a tetherball, punted between extremes of pedantic stiff-necked nationalism and nebbish Zionism. Meanwhile, Amjad’s interfaith friends Meir and Amal welcome their first child into the world. But is the world ready? Writer Sayed Kashua (SFJFF 2010 Freedom of Expression Award recipient) is accustomed to breaking new ground. With Arab Labor, he launched the first-ever Israeli sitcom centered around a Palestinian-Israeli family. Now in Season 3, he challenges us to embrace heartier laughs and more painful truths.
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