As Tears Go By

A charming, affecting and funny film about coming of age on the road in Israel. Yaakov and his son Yitzhak own a small company that produces parties and events, mostly in small towns and on Kibbutzim. They provide sound equipment and a female vocalist who sings Israeli songs. Father and son enjoy a strong relationship, built on trust and comraderie, but they face a major challenge in their business: Yizhak is unable to pass his driver’s test because he can’t stop crying when he gets behind the wheel. A bittersweet tale unfolds as Yitzhak struggles to get at the root of his problem. His father supports him as best he can as does Yael, the sweet and beautiful young folk singer, with whom Yitzhak is falling in love.
Born 1951 in Kibbutz Affikim, Eitan Green is a member of the first graduating class of Tel Aviv University's TV and Cinema department. He now teaches in that same department from which he graduated and heads the scriptwiring studies track. FILMOGRAPNY Lena, 1980. When Night Falls (Ad Sof ha-layla), 1984. American Citizen (Ezrakh Americani), 1991. As Tears Go By (Zolgot ha-dma'ot me-atzman), 1997.
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