The story of the Jewish "disappeared" under Argentina's former military junta in the 1970s is tragic and sinister; of the 30,000 people who disappeared, 3,000 were Jews. Marcus and Clara Weinstein were confronted at gunpoint by soldiers looking for their son; three of Laura Braunstein's four children vanished; and Sarah Ross, a survivor of Auschwitz, lost her only son, Daniel, in Argentina. They were some of the thousands who knocked on the doors of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires. The film alleges that Israel, ignoring Argentina's human rights violations, sold weapons to the junta. The charge that Israel's economic relationship with a dictatorship superseded the human rights of that country's Jewish population is shocking but credible. Only in June 1983, after the military government in Argentina was finally overturned, did the Knesset hold a special session to discuss the disappearance of Jews in Argentina.
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