Autumn in Poland

There are places where people without roots go to search for them. A young French filmmaker embarks on a journey through Poland. There, at the heart of unnamable suffering, he discovers hope.
Born in Antibes, France, in 1969, Julien Donada worked as an assistant on various feature-Iength films. Since 1992, he has directed 4 short films. Currently, he is working on his first feature film and has been chosen to direct the French part of an European series called "Moments of Europe." L'ESSENCE (The Gas) - 1992, Fiction, 16mm, 4 min. L'ASCENSION (The Climb) - 1992-1994, Fiction - 16mm - 8 min. L'INVENTAIRE DE JEAN ROUCH (Jean Rouch's Inventory) - Documentary, 32 min. UN AUTOMNE EN POLOGNE (Autumn in Poland) - Fiction, 1996, 16mm, 16 min.
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