Autumn Sun

Clara is a Buenos Aires woman in her fifties desperately looking for a Jewish fiancé, not so much because she wants to get married, but because her conservative brother is coming to visit from America and he thinks Clara is engaged! Clara places an ad seeking a Jewish companion and gets Saul, who is actually Raùl and not Jewish. He wants a true love to share his lonely life, but when Clara discovers his deception, she sends him packing. A lack of response to her ad forces her to call him back. What follows is funny and poignant: Clara becomes a Jewish Henry Higgins, tutoring Raùl on how to be a Jew. Meanwhile Raùl, a silver-haired fox, insists on courtship despite Clara's principled resistance. In the end, Clara must choose between her comfortable solitude and the risk of new romance. Federico Luppi and Norma Aleandro (The Official Story), two of Argentina's most well-known actors, bring tenderness and depth to a whimsical story. Their gentle chemistry gives the film much of its charm. 1997 Cannes Film Festival.
Edwardo Mignogna started his artistic career as a writer when he published 'En la cola del cocodrilo' in 1971 (Revista Marcha Award, Uruguay). He then wrote 'Lastenia' (First Prize for Thrillers sponsosred by Air France/Abril Publisher). The following year, he published 'Cuatrocasas' (Casa de las Am&eaccute; Award, Cuba). His latest book is 'Tigres y Alondras' (Revista Plural Award, Mexico) in 1979. In 1983, he released his first film 'Evita, quien quiera o&iaccute;r que oiga' which he wrote and directed. Since then, he has written several scripts and directed various television programs. 'Desafio a la vida' (based on people with motor, mental and hearing disabilities), 'Misiones, su tierra y su gentre' (based on rural teachers, indians communities, colonies and jesuitical missions), 'El beso del olvido', a serial 'Horacio Quiroga, entre personas y personajes' (1987) and several documentaries. In 1990 he returned to the cinema with the film 'Flop'. 'Sol de Otoño' -- Autumn Sun, is his latest movie as scriptwriter and director. FESTIVALS & AWARDS 1996 Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián 1996 Festival International de Biarritz 1996 Chicago International Film Festival 1996 Golden Globe 1996 Festival del Cinema Latino Americano, Trieste, Italy 1996 Puerto Rico International Film Festival 1996 12º Festival Internacional de Cine en Mar del Plata 1996 London Film Festival 1996 Festival de Cinema en Buzios 1996 Festival de Cine de La Habana, Cuba 1996 7º Festival Cinematográfico Internacional de Asunción, Paraguay 1996 Festival de Cine Luis Sandrini, Pergamino, Argentina 1997 XI Edición Premios Anuales Goya, Spain 1997 37 Festival Internacional de Cine. Cartagena, Colombia 1997 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
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