Between the Lines

A voyage into Amira Hass's unique world, where she is a reporter in the Palestinian Territories for the respected Israeli newspaper, Ha’aretz. Hass is the only Israeli journalist to live in Ramallah, just 30 miles north of Jerusalem. From her rented apartment there, she is a unique source of information for her readers in Israel and around the world. What is revealed is a journalist obsessed with the truth, a single woman in a traditionally male dominated society, and the only child of a mother who survived the Holocaust. The film follows Amira for two years, beginning in 1999, when there was a period of optimism and euphoria in Israel. The worsening political situation, accurately predicted by Amira, affects her daily life. As tanks go by under her window and bombing disturbs her sleep during the nights, she sticks to her mission and stays to live among the Palestinians and continue to report from the inside.
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