The presence of famed New York playwright Harold Blumenthal looms over everyone in the weeks following his unexpected death, but life goes on for his family. His nephew Ethan is a pharmaceutical rep with a gloomy disposition, aware that he is too irritable for his own good, but nevertheless indulging that flaw by pushing away his girlfriend. Ethan’s father Saul, in addition to suffering from severe constipation, seeks an elusive trophy of his brother Harold’s that he feels he rightly deserves. Saul’s wife Cheryl, an actress preparing for an audition, finds her confidence shaky and contemplates cosmetic surgery. As they work through their issues, an affable dog walker and a woman with a mysterious connection to Harold enter their orbit and affect their choices. In addition to costarring, Seth Fisher makes a confident feature debut as writer and director with this comedy about family, romance, aging, resentment and gastric dysfunction. Emmy winner Brian Cox (Manhunter, Adaptation) appears as the deceased writer in snippets from a Charlie Rose–like show, his insights providing commentary on the action in this charming, low-key New York City tale.
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