Born in Jerusalem and Still Alive | Next Wave Spotlight

While walking down Jaffa Road, Jerusalem native Ronen Matalon (Yossi Atia) overhears a tour guide offering a sanitized version of his hometown's recent history. In this dark romantic comedy, Ronen is inspired to begin his own "Terror Tour", taking tourists to famous bombing sites and giving them a droll take on the absurdity of everyday life during the terrorist attacks of the 1990's and 2000's. On one of his tours he meets Asia (Lihi Kornowski), an ex-Jerusalemite living in Barcelona, and their relationship challenges him to begin healing from the trauma that envelops his emotional life.

Deftly blending romantic comedy with the complexities of modern life (in a style reminiscent of Albert Brooks), BORN IN JERUSALEM AND STILL ALIVE is a sensitive and hilarious debut from director, writer and star Yossi Atia.

Geoblocked to the San Francisco Bay Area

Director, Writer, Actor Yossi Atia

YOSSI ATIA is an alumnus of The Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School and holds an M.A. in Directing at Tel Aviv University. From 2005 – 2010, Yossi created and acted (with Itamar Rose) in 20 short social and political films that were screened in film festivals worldwide. Atia lives and works in Tel Aviv.

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