Broken Lines

In Broken Lines, a dark and erotic drama set in North London, two people from different worlds, each trapped in stunted relationships, are drawn together by grief and sexual desire. Jake (Dan Fredenburgh), a well-to-do property developer, and B (Doraly Rosa), a waitress in a café, meet by chance when Jake returns to his native Finsbury Park following the death of his father. While Jake winds up his father’s affairs, his lust for B develops to a boil, and he puts off facing long-avoided family issues. The two lonely souls begin an illicit affair, he cheating on his uptight fiancée Zoe (Olivia Williams), she cheating on her boyfriend Chester (Paul Bettany), a former boxer who is paralyzed after an injury. Jake and B’s smoldering liaison provides them a welcome escape from their troubled relationships, and their sense of despair begins to give way to freedom. Written by co-stars Fredenburgh and Rosa, and directed with eloquence by Sallie Aprahamian against the vivid backdrop of multicultural North London, Broken Lines shows sparks of hope and passion igniting even in suffering souls, as they navigate life and the surprises that come with it.
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