Close, Closed, Closure

Shot in and around the Gaza Strip before and after the outbreak of the Al Aqsa intifada in the fall of 2000, this film portrays the daily life of Gaza residents, including border crossings, border closings and the violence and tension that infuse daily life there. Outside the electric fence that borders Gaza, Israeli peace demonstrators are confronted by settlers who oppose their presence. The filmmaker identifies the Gaza Strip as "a prison with one million inmates" and uses his craft to pose an essential question: Can anyone truly see the other person's side? This film challenges us to try.
Ram Loevy was born in Israel in 1940 and ranks amongst Israel’s leading documentary filmmakers. His film work includes around 25 feature dramas, 25 long documentaries and numerous reports for Israel TV, PBC and Channel 4. He has won the prestigious Israel Prize in 1993, recognizing his life-long achievements. His documentary work includes the drama series Mr. Mani, based on a novel by A. B. Yehoshua and which tells the story of Jewish-Sepharadic family in Jerusalem over a time period of 150 years. Indian in the Sun, a film that tell a story about a power struggle between a captive soldier of Indian origin and an Ashkenazi soldier who takes him to prison, has won the Israel David Harp Award and the Israel Broadcasting Award. His many other contributions include Bread, a story of a laid-off bakery worker and his family and Time Out about a group encounter between Arab and Jewish High School students. In 1992, a retrospective of his films was featured at the Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa cinemateques.
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