Closed Circuit

An assemblage of footage taken from various security cameras on June 8, 2016 when two men opened fire at a popular café in Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market and took the lives of four victims form the basis of this chilling documentary. From this privileged vantage point, we are privy to the day’s course of events. From their crossover from the occupied territories into Tel Aviv, and to their eventual capture and arrest, we see two men in business suits, each carrying an attache case, as they walk the bustling streets before sitting at a restaurant, chatting with the waitress and opening fire. Interspersed with testimonies from survivors, including Lihi Ben Ari, an eighth grader dining with her stepmother and father, Hagi Klein, who was wounded after confronting the killers, and Yousef Jaborin, a Hebrew/Arab–speaking Palestinian who was just beginning his shift at the restaurant and subsequently racially profiled as a suspect. Produced by Nancy Spielberg (Who Will Write Our History), Closed Circuit deconstructs the events of one fateful night and examines the closed circuit of trauma shared by the victims.

Preceded by The Sky is Falling

West Coast Premiere

Tal Inbar, a Sam Spiegel School of Film and Television graduate in Jerusalem, is an independent filmmaker based in Tel Aviv, Israel. During her studies, in addition to directing a short fiction film, she directed The Home Front, a short documentary about the Sarona terror attack, with which she won several prizes including first place for student documentaries at the Indian Cine Film Festival. Inbar was also a guest speaker at three universities as part of the MGSDII art residency in San Diego. These days, after working as a content editor for Channel 13's social media channels, she screened the first full-length documentary she directed at the 2022 Docaviv FF. The film is an extended version of the Sarona terror attack story. The project is supported by YES, one of Israel’s most prominent broadcasters, and produced by Nancy Spielberg, Tal Becher, Yoav Zeevi, and Omri Uzrad.


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