Critico, El

Víctor Tellez (Rafael Spregelburd) is jaded, emotionally repressed and arrogant. Not surprisingly, he is an influential but harsh film critic for a daily newspaper who sees his life as a French New Wave film to the extent that he even thinks in French. Víctor especially detests Hollywood romantic comedies. He spends his time watching and writing about films and then discussing them contemptuously with his nerdy colleagues at a local bar. One day while searching for a new apartment, he unexpectedly meets Sofía, a spontaneous and vibrant woman in town for her father’s unveiling. She clearly does not fit with his conception of good taste. “Elemental, constructed on a basis of clichés,” would be the way he would describe her. Although an unlikely pair, life seems to keep bringing them together. Víctor finds himself going soft and his movie reviews reflect this. He suspects that the movie genre that he hates the most is taking its revenge. El Critico is a film for cinefiles and romantics. It is intelligent, funny, delightful and ultimately succumbs to the genre its main character so derisively abhors. Love conquers all, even this cynical snob. California Premiere
w/English Subtitle
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