Cup Final

Boutique owner Cohen is scheduled to attend the World Cup soccer games in Spain but ends up on a battlefield in June 1982 as Israel invades Lebanon. There he is captured by an eight-man PLO unit on its way to Beirut. While the Israeli army moves in around them, Cohen and his captors develop an extraordinary friendship. Equal parts suspense story, war drama, and sharp comedy, this award-winning and critically acclaimed film is certainly a break-through for Israeli cinema. Comic actor Moshe Ivgi (featured in SHUROO) is brilliant as an Israeli Everyman, and Muhammed Bakri (BEYOND THE WALLS) is first-rate as Ziad, the PLO commander. Director Riklis expertly avoids sentimentality and instead creates a funny, humane and courageous statement on the tragedy of war and the comedy of life.
Graduate of the National Film School, Beaconsfield, England(1982) Feature Films: Vulcan Junction (1999) a nostalgic, musical film set in Haifa – the Liverpool of Israel - a week before the Yom Kippur War, 1973. Winner of the Best Film Award, Haifa Int. Film Festival 1999 Zohar (1993) the most successful Israeli film in recent years. The tragic story of Israeli cult singer Zohar Argov. Cup Final (1991) an international success, presented in numerous festivals (incl. Venice and Berlin), sold world wide for theatrical and TV release. The story of an Israeli captured by a PLO unit during the war in Lebanon, 1982 while the World Cup soccer games were held in Spain. On a clear day you can see Damascus (1984) A political thriller based on the true story of an Israeli accused of spying for Syria. Television films, series, documentaries: (channels 1 and 2, Israel) -Borders (1999) Documentary about life on the borders of Israel. Winner of the 1999 Discovery Channel MediaNet award, Munich Film Festival. -Cause of Death: Murder (1998) 5 part mini-series – police drama. -Lucky (1997) Drama -Poetics of the Masses (1997) 20 part documentary series about sex(!) -Deadly Fortune (1996) 13 part drama series set in Israel’s high society. -Me & my wife (1996) 13 part comedy series based on the writing of Kishon, Israel’s no. 1 comedy writer. -Straight Forward (1995) 20 part comedy series Other projects: About 300 commercials for various companies in Israel and England, Various drama shorts as director, producer and director of photography.
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