East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem

In the spirit of determined optimism legendary Israeli singer/songwriter David Broza pierces the divide with a bold new music album East Jerusalem/West Jerusalem. In 1977, early in his career, Broza wrote what became the anthem of the peace process with his song “It Will Be Good/Yihye Tov” in collaboration with Israeli poet Yonatan Geffen. Through all the turbulent years that have followed, the artist/activist Broza has made his music into a labor of peace. Broza’s vision brings him to the heart of the conflict, a divided Jerusalem where he and his musician friends, including Grammy-winning Steve Earle, Palestinian Israeli singer Mira Awad (Arab Labor) and Iraqi Israeli Yair Dalal, among others, take a remarkable musical journey outside the political walls. Director Ezra Miller follows the artists over an eight-day period where they converge in a one-take mash-up of American, Israeli and Palestinian sounds that slowly breaks through the cynicism and fear of the region. Knowing that it could all fall to pieces, they build musical bridges with Broza’s charismatic and energetic performances and his will to have a political impact by the simple act of bringing together artists from opposing sides. Recorded in an East Jerusalem studio, the film is rich with musical improvisation and performance. —Janis Plotkin
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