Echo Soup

The playful ECHO SOUP visits a Taiwanese-American rap artist, a straight drummer in the all-gay rock band Pansy Division, and an African American Klezmer musician to investigate the complex origins of cultural borrowing, sexual identity and Jewish music.
Daniel Baer was born and raised in Kentucky and graduated from Harvard University with a degree in American history and literature. Daniel is finishing his second year of a two year master's program in Documentary Film and Video Production at Stanford University. He is currently wrapping up post-production on a 20-minute non-fiction film about the lives of two gay ranchers who raise horses near San Antonio, Texas. That film will premiere on a billing of short documentaries completed in the Stanford film program, at the Roxie Cinema in San Francisco, October 5-6, 1996. The Roxie is on 16 th Street between Valencia and Guerrero. In previous documentary films, Daniel has explored the worlds of elevator operators in TOP OF THE CITY and devil worshipers in CITY OF THE RAIN. Prior to its screenings at the Jewish Film Festival, ECHO SOUP had screened at the Boston Film Festival and received a Silver Apple from the National Educational Media Network.
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