Embroidered Canticles

Get ready for an ecstatic experience! This mesmerizing concert film features Moroccan musical masters Rabbi Haim Louk and Abdelsadek Chekara performing mystical songs from the "Matruz" tradition. With its Andalusian roots, Matruz is a shared Muslim-Jewish musical form which fuses Arabic and Hebrew poetry, reflecting the centuries-old link between Jewish and Muslim societies in North Africa.
Director Izza Génini was born in Morocco and has lived in France since 1960. She studied Humanities and Languages at the School of Oriental Languages (Ecole des Langues Orientales) France. She is the author of the book on Morocco in French, Maroc (Edition Richer/Vilo). In 1973, Génini founded SOGEAV, a film company dedicated to the exportation of films into French Africa and distribution of African films worldwide, as well as film production and distribution. Between 1987 and 1992, Izza Génini produced and directed an 11 part documentary Maroc, Corp et Ame (Morocco, Body and Soul), 26 min. each. The series won the 1991 Jules Verne prize and included: Aita, Louanges, Des luths et délices, Gnaouas, Malhoune, Rythmes de Marrakech, Chants pour un Chabbat, Cantiques Brodés, Vibrations en Haut Atlas, Nuptiales en Moyen Atlas, Moussem. AWARDS 1994 - Retrouver Ouled Moumen (Return to Ouled Moumen). Winner, 1995, PESSAC Festival of Historical Film, 50 min., SFJFF. 1995 - Concerto pour 13 voix (Concerto for 13 Voices), 90 min. and - Voix du Maroc: remontage de la série Maroc Corps et Ame (Voice of Morocco), 60 min. 1997 - Pour le plaisir des yeux... (For the Pleasure of Looking...) and - La route du cédrat, le fruit de la Splendeur (Citron, Fruit of Splendor) 1998 - Work in progress: Maroc Tambours Battant (Tambours of Marocco).
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