Feeling Sexual

Izzy Klein cannot be trusted. She can hardly trust herself. She’s confident that if a young man were to compliment the texture of her soft hair, there’s a 10/10 chance she’d hook up with them. Izzy recruits Susan Rothman, the yente of her synagogue / therapist by day, to beat some self-love into her. As Izzy gains an appreciation for the once foreign concept of boundaries, listening to her body, and knowing when to use the word No, she discovers her purpose outside of male affirmation. She puts Susan’s teachings to the test when she visits Ezra Jacobowitz, her long time crush and family friend, at college. It is in spending this intimate time with Ezra that she is coerced to leave her comfort zone, ask herself what she wants, and communicate with Ezra.

Playing as part of the JEWS IN SHORTS: NARRATIVES showcase

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Brooke Ross