For the Love of Spock

“Live long and prosper.” It’s impossible not to cherish those famous words spoken by the half-human Vulcan. Leonard Nimoy, the man behind the pointy ears, was born in 1931 in Boston’s West End to immigrant Jewish parents. After moving to Los Angeles Nimoy caught the eye of producer Gene Roddenberry who had Nimoy in mind when he was creating the Spock character for the NBC science fiction series Star Trek. The pilot episode bombed, but Roddenberry was given permission to do a second version with a whole new cast. Only Nimoy remained, and the rest is history. Through three seasons of the series and six Star Trek films, it was Spock who became the fan favorite. The coolheaded, logical Vulcan was an outsider aboard the USS Enterprise, just as Nimoy himself was an outsider as a Jew growing up in predominantly Catholic Boston. Spock’s otherness served as the very essence of what Star Trek was really all about: examining what makes us human. Featuring clips from Nimoy’s career and inspiring interviews with the Star Trek cast past and present, including William Shatner, George Takei, Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, director Adam Nimoy has crafted a loving tribute to not only his father, but also to the man we know as Mr. Spock. —Joshua Moore
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