A 20-year-old American Israeli decides to move back to Israel and reconnect with his roots, only to be institutionalized in a mental-health facility constructed on the grounds of a Palestinian village that was massacred by a Jewish militia back in 1948. David Adler (Itay Tiran) has moved back to Israel, but the joy of his homecoming is short-lived when he is committed to a mental institution and injected with a chemo-technological drug at the behest of his father -- a Holocaust survivor and famous musician. Later, blind mental patient Muselmann, who serves as a conduit between the worlds of the living and the dead, implores the troubled David to listen to the ghosts that have long been rumored to dwell in the hospital corridors. It seems that the spirit of a ten-year-old girl holds the secret to a riddle that could bring an end to the continual cycle of violence that sweeps their land, but only when she finds eternal rest will that secret finally be revealed. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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